Safe Driving Regulations

General Regulations Safe Driving

1) Course objectives:

Prepare the Driver to deal with any critical situations by making him acquire the correct behavior to be implemented in dangerous situations. Spread the main and correct driving movements to improve road safety.

2) Course program:

See reference page.

3) Cost of the course:

The amount to be paid by each participant in the course is established by the Autodrome Management and must be paid to the company Pro.Mo.Sa. Srl in the manner and within the deadlines as indicated in point 4 below of this regulation.

4) Method of payment:

Payment can be made through:

1) Non-transferable cashier’s check made out to Pro.Mo.Sa. Srl by sending it by registered mail to the address: Pro.Mo.Sa. Srl c / o “Franco di Suni” National Circuit – Location Su Sassu – 07013 – Mores (SS);

2) Bank transfer made out to: Pro.Mo.Sa. Srl c / o Banca Carige SpA iban code: IT56S0343117200000000486580 causal “DRIVING COURSE REGISTRATION”, specifying the date of the course

3) In order to validate the enrollment, the applicant undertakes to send the organizers a copy of the bank receipt or check, to the fax number 079/706200 no later than 7 working days before the course date. The invoice for the payment will be delivered to the customer on the day of the course.

5) The fee includes:

– Participation in the Driving course

– Pilot / Coordinator for theoretical lesson

– Drivers / Instructors for practical lessons

– Fuel

– Radio service

– Exclusive circuit rental

– General organization

6) Issuing certificate of participation:

The certificate of participation is issued to all students at the end of each course.

7) Cancellations and cancellations:

Any cancellations must be received at least 15 working days before the date of the course. In this case no charge will be applied. The amount paid can be used, within the current year, for another course among those already foreseen in the calendar. In the event that it should not be used, it cannot be refunded.

8) Change of calendar and postponement of the course:

The course may be postponed to another date for reasons beyond the control of the organizers or if an adequate number of participants is not reached (minimum 15); In this case, the amount paid will be used and recovered for the next calendar date. In case of an excessive number of adhesions, the applicant will be informed as soon as possible about the possibility of being included in the following course. At its sole discretion, the Uccio Magliona Driving Center may stop or suspend the tests in progress.

9) Absences:

In the event of a regular course, those who do not show up will not be entitled to any refund of the amount paid.

10) Compliance with the rules and regulations

If an instructor or the Management verify the non-compliance with the rules given by the School, at their unquestionable judgment they can stop the violator and remove him, also forbidding his other possible participation in the subsequent tests booked, and in any case no refund is due.

11) Responsibility

The Uccio Magliona Driving Center and its organizers are not responsible for theft and / or acts / facts, willful or negligent to materials or vehicles left at the Center, taking note that the parking spaces also located inside it are unattended.

12) Complaints

The student who intends to make complaints about the work of the Uccio Magliona Guide Center and its members, can do so in writing directly to the Director of the school no later than 7 days from the event to be contested.

13) Psychophysical state

It is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic drinks (even during meals).

It is mandatory to communicate to the instructor the intake of certain drugs that can reduce the level of attention of the driver.

14) Vehicles:

The courses can be carried out both with your own vehicles and with those provided by the Driving Center. It is recommended, at the time of enrollment, to point out which vehicle you intend to participate in the course.

15) Rules of behavior:

1) Participants must wear comfortable clothing;

2) In case of participation with your own vehicle, it must comply perfectly with the rules set by the highway code. the instructor can reserve the right to check the efficiency of the vehicle;

3) It is absolutely forbidden to stop on the exercise areas without the instructor’s authorization;

4) It is strictly forbidden to reverse the direction of travel;

5) It is strictly forbidden to wear sandals and / or open shoes during the course;

6) Smoking is strictly forbidden during the exercises and in any case inside the vehicles and inside the classrooms where the theoretical lesson is held;

7) It is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic drinks;

8) It is forbidden to use the mobile phone during the course;

9) It is forbidden to use any device present on the car in a way different from that indicated by the instructor;

10) It is forbidden to leave the group of students without the instructor’s prior authorization;

11) It is strictly forbidden to enter the operating areas with vehicles not authorized by the Driving Center;

12) It is mandatory to respect the speed limits communicated by the instructor in the individual exercises;

13) If the conductor notices that the conditions in the operating area are not suitable for the test he is carrying out, he must immediately notify the instructor. If the instructor does not receive any report, the conductor tacitly approves its perfect condition;

14) Each driver is required to respect the signs during transfers from one area of operation to another, reporting it to the drivers who follow it;

15) Each driver to observe in the area a correct, loyal and responsible behavior towards other drivers;

16) It is mandatory to always keep in sight the recognition material provided by the School.

Safe Driving – Uccio Magliona