Safe Driving Center Uccio Magliona

Safe Driving Center

“The best ROAD is to become a prepared DRIVER

Who we are

The Safe Driving Center was founded in 2007 to promote the culture of road safety, with theoretical and practical courses for the achievement of service licenses for law enforcement, and professional defensive and safe driving courses. In recent years it has promoted and activated collaborations with municipal administrations and private companies for the training of vehicle drivers, has organized safe and defensive driving courses for private individuals.


Our structure avails itself of the collaboration of qualified personnel whose choice has been conditioned not only by personal skill, but above all by the attitude to the human relationship that has allowed us to make the communicative approach and made it the main point of our activity training. Our instructors will be those who will accompany you in driving the vehicle, committed and ready to transmit the most varied techniques and secrets of driving helped by the help of video images for teaching, which their task will be to identify in each participant / student the various characteristics.

Where we operate

The school is located in the “Franco di Suni” circuit located in the town of Mores. It is the first and only permanent circuit on the island of Sardinia. The track with a length of 1650 meters and a constant width of 12 meters presents diversity of slopes and continuous ups and downs which are the right mix for the creation of driving courses, with maximum safety due mainly to the presence of large escape areas in gravel that allow an immediate stop of the vehicle and the protective barriers built according to FIA and FIM standards for the approval of circuits for competitions. A fascinating landscape setting guarantees the confidentiality of the courses which can be followed by a panoramic grandstand that allows visibility of 90% of the circuit. In addition to the track, there are catering / bar services and, to make everything even more comfortable and in a pure automotive climate, 20 garages, workshop, executive rooms, offices and the 12,000 square meter square. All this makes the Autodrome suitable for creating original, exclusive and personalized events, to live and know your driving limit, viewed and assessed step by step by pilots – instructors who will make you assimilate the concept of traveling safely.