The “Franco di Suni” National Autodrome, also known as the Autodromo di Mores or Autodromo di Sardegna, is the first and only structure of its kind on the island, capable of hosting car and motorcycle races, in compliance with the technical standards and sports issued by the federations guarantors of the various disciplines, namely FIA, CSAI and IMF.

Born from the idea of the Sardinian businessman and car driver, Uccio Magliona, it was designed by Eng. Pier Luigi De Biasio, and built by the construction company of the same Magliona.

Although the Magliona family, has distinguished itself particularly in the time trial stages, even at European level, with the management of prototypes, it has focused attention on a permanent circuit, destined mostly for speed races on the track.

In addition to the passion of Magliona, the circuit is also due to the attention that the same has wanted to give to its territory, as motor sports have never caught on strongly in the island.

On the one hand due to the geographical condition, which tends to leave it a bit apart from the rest of the nation and Europe, partly because it has never been a particularly rich region, and based essentially on activities such as agriculture and pastoralism , was greatly affected by the high costs to be incurred to carry out an activity such as that of a car and motorcycle driver. The circuit therefore assumes considerable importance in Sardinian history and culture, giving life to a new era as well as to focus attention also on the island internationally.

In fact, everything fits into a particular context, whose Mores circuit gave the input for a new enhancement of the island, with the organization of international events related to engines, which at the same time fit well into the environment and in Sardinian traditions, since each event is accompanied by thematic exhibitions illustrating Sardinian life and traditions, where it is possible to experience the island for what it is, that is, not only sea and beaches, but also mostly uncontaminated internal landscapes , with the possibility of buying and using typical local objects, as well as tasting local food and drinks. It is dedicated to the Marquis Franco di Suni, who for many years was president of the Automobile Club of Sassari, and has contributed significantly to the development of Sardinian sports car racing. It is one of the most recent of the Italian racetracks, construction work began on July 15, 2000 and was completed on March 15, 2003 (inauguration date).